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L. van Beethoven, Ouv. Leonore II, Op.72a, Symph. No 2, OSR, Ernest Ansermet, STS 15068 détail verso

L. van Beethoven, Ouv. Leonore II, Op.72a, Symph. No 2, OSR, Ernest Ansermet, STS 15068 détail verso

1 janvier 1960
Disques DECCA
René Gagnaux

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"[...] Leonore No. 2 is an imposing structure. After a descending unison passage for full orchestra, clarinets sweetly sing Florestan's air. This melody is carefully developped to a climax and soon the basses sink low to gain impetus for the allegro.
Here that driving, dynamic theme which Leonore No. 3 has made familiar is first heard in 'cellos alone. This pushes on irresistibly, giving birth in its urgency to two subsidiary motives which assume great importance, contributing to the dramatic agitation. Soon from oboes, bassoons and 'cellos, in longer notes and more impressively, therefore, Florestan's air is again heard. Still the onward drive persists, becoming ever more dramatic until, at last, there sounds the famous trumpet-call, off-stage, which announces the arrival of the Governor. A quiet version of the dynamic main theme is heard from the violins. The trumpets speaks again. Next a striking figure sounds from bassoons and horns.
Florestan's melody reappears over an accompanisment deriving from the trumpet-call. These are descending flights of strings and wood-wind and we are plunged into the presto that brings the overture to a triumphant end.
All who are familiar with Leonore No. 3 will recognize much that is common to both. The present overture, while it is not so grandly developed as its successor, which is musically self-sufficient, is more suitable as a prelude to an operatic performance.

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