Charles Forget de Geneve Louisa Bourgeois de Giez et enfants Liverpool

Charles Forget de Geneve Louisa Bourgeois de Giez et enfants Liverpool

1 janvier 1876
Serge de Muller

Charles Forget, Consul Suisse a Liverpool, famille patricienne de Geneve, fils de Jean-Pierre et Catherine Melly de Geneve avec sa femme Louisa Frederique Bourgeois fille de Gustave Henri Charles et petite fille de David Francois Frederic, famille Bourgeois de Giez, Grandson, Yverdon.

Derriere Charles est debout

- Marguerite Cecile nee en 1858 epousa Verney LACE

- a sa droit debout Emma Catherine nee en 1857 epousa Arthur Benson RATHBONE

- assise sur la chaise de Louisa est en robe claire Adele Emilie nee en 1866 epousa Edwin Henry TOPHAM

- assis sur les genoux de Louisa en tenue noire est Blanche nee en 1871 epousa Harold Jack ASHBY

La photographie originale est dans les archives MacFarlane au Canada descendants de Edwin Henry Topham qui m'a etee gracieusement transmise sur internet
Photographie de 1876 a Liverpool prise on le suppose a leur adresse

Sunny Side, Princes Park, Liverpool,
juste avant le deces de Charles Forget communication de Joan Perry du Canada
Le fils de Charles qui est Alfred ne en 1860 manque sur la photo, il emigra en Uruguay et Argentine dont la descendane masculine est eteinte actuellement en Argentine.

- Emma Catherine Forget decedee le 15 March 1933 agee de 75 ans, epousa le 14 fevrier 1878 Arthur BENSON RATHBONE ne le 7 Fevrier 1853, Aigbirth, Liverpool decede le 15 March 1915. Au recensement de 1881 Arthur age de 28 ans, actif dans le commerce de coton, vivait au Toxteth Park, Liverpool avec sa femme Emma agee de 2 ans et leur fils Charles A. de 2 ans.
ils eurent 4 enfants :
- Charles Arthur RATHBONE ne le 11 November 1878, Liverpool, Lancashire. Capitaine dans le "South Lancashire Regiment", a servi en France pendant la 1ere guerre mondiale, epousa le 18 aout 1827 Muriel Eileen GRAHAM MAY sans desdendance
- Cecil Edmund RATHBONE ne le 30 aout 1881, Liverpool, Lancashire decede le 1 October 1905 a Rohat, Punjab, India age de 24 ans celibataire
- 3. Guy Benson RATHBONE ne le 29 May, Sefton Park, Liverpool et decede en service actif le 21 avril 1916 a Sulva Bay, Gallipoli.
Son nom est grave dans le monument Basra.
Il epousa le 22 octobre 1910 a Bayswater (St Matthew), London Theodora DE SELINCOURT decedee le 2 fevrier 1973
Ils eurent une fille Pamela Joyce RATHBONE nee le 25 novembre 1912, Hampstead, London
Elle epousa en 1946 Edward COULSON professeur d'histoire vivant dans la region d'Oxford.
- Sylvia Catherine RATHBONE nee le 10 October 1890 Liverpool decedee le 22 September 1954 a Dyke House Formby, Lancashire, celibataire

Charles, family from Geneva, Switzerland, son of Jean-Pierre and Catherine MELLY from Geneva, Switzerland, with his wife Louisa Frederique Bourgeois, daughter of Gustave Henri Charles and grand-daughter of David Francois Frederic, family from Giez, Grandson, Yverdon, Switzerland. Behind Charles is

- Marguerite Cecile born 1858 (married Verney LACE, or VERNEY-LACE), to her right is

- Emma Catherine born 1857(married Athur Benson RATHBONE), sitting on Louisa's chair is

- Adele Emilie born 1866(married Edwin Henry TOPHAM), sitting on Louisa's lap is

- Blanche born 1871(married Harold Jack ASHBY).

The original photograph is in the MacFarlane archives, Canada. Photograph taken by 1876, Liverpool, England, just before Charles's death according to Joan PERRY, Ontario, CANADA (Charles's son Alfred born 24 december 1860, Liverpool, is missing on the photograph, he emigrated to Uruguay and had children, whose whereabout we are looking for).

- Emma Catherine FORGET and her descendants: Emma Catherine FORGET born c 1857, Liverpool, Lancashire date and place of baptism unknown daughter of Charles J. FORGET & (Louisa BOURGEOIS, according to your message) married on 14 February 1878 at Mossley (St Matthew & St James) Lancashire to Arthur BENSON RATHBONE born 7 February 1853, Aigbirth, Liverpool son of William Benson RATHBONE (1826-1892) & Hannah Sophia GREG (c1832-1914) date and place of baptism unknown Arthur Benson RATHBONE died 15 March 1915 aged 62 Kelly's Directory of 1913 recorded him as living at "The Gables" Victoria Road, Freshfield, Formby, Liverpool. At the Census of 1881, Arthur B. (aged 28), a cotton broker, was living in Toxteth Park, Liverpool with his wife: Emma C. (23) and their son: Charles A. (2). He was described by his brother, George RATHBONE, as "the best-dressed Unitarian in Chapel". Emma (FORGET) RATHBONE died 15 March 1933 aged 75 in the Ormskirk area of Liverpool.

They had four children:

1. Charles Arthur RATHBONE born 11 November 1878, Liverpool, Lancashire. Captain in the South Lancashire Regiment, served in Frances during First World War (wou died 6 November 1951, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. married 18 August 1927 in the Stockport area, Cheshire to Muriel Eileen GRAHAM MAY daughter of George GRAHAM a widow from Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, with a son: John Graham MAY. There were no children.

2. Cecil Edmund RATHBONE born 30 August 1881, Liverpool, Lancashire died 1 October 1905 in Rohat, Punjab, India - aged 24. Unmarried

3. Guy Benson RATHBONE born 29 May, Sefton Park, Liverpool baptised 26 June 1884, Liverpool (St Michael) Actor - member of Frank Benson's Shakespeare Company Lived at 107 Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, London prior to his death Commission in the Gloucestershire Regiment in February 1915 and died on active service on 21 April 1916 at Sulva Bay, Gallipoli.
His name is included on Basra Memorial.
He married 22 October 1910 at Bayswater (St Matthew), London to Theodora DE SELINCOURT date of birth unknown daughter of Charles Alexander SELINCOURT
She remarried on 22 August 1917 at Hampstead (St Peter), London to Norman Robert McKEOWN, Army Captain, of Sydney, Australia. She died 2 February, 1973.
Guy Benson & Theodora had a daughter: Pamela Joyce RATHBONE born on 25 November 1912, Hampstead, London
She married in 1946 in the Ashford area of Kent to Edward COULSON (who taught history)
He has now died, but I understand that she may be still living in the Oxford area.

4. Sylvia Catherine RATHBONE born 10 October 1890 Liverpool area died 22 September 1954 at Dyke House Formby, Lancashire. Unmarried

Biblioteca de la Nacion Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Herald
Friday, January 23, 1931
On january 22 at the Anglo American Private Hospital Alfred Edward Forget aged 70 years funeral to-day, friday at 16.30 o'clock. From Deck calle Maipu 699 corner of Viamonte to the British cemetery Chacarita. Motor service.


One of the last of the old british "estancieros" in the Province of Entre Rios and a keen sportsman throughout his life Mr Alfred Edward Forget died in Buenos Aires yesterday.
Born in Liverpool and educated at Rugby, Mr Forget left England for Uruguay in 1879 at the age of 19.
He took up camp life and soon afterwards moved to the Province of Entre Rios, Argentina, becoming a proprietor of an estancia (ranch) at Mandisovi to the north of Concordia.
Ill health decided him to sell out in 1908 and he came to Buenos Aires where he remained to the end of his life.
Mr Forget who had married Mrs Agnes (Annie) Prange, was left a widower in 1913, remarrying later with Miss Jenny Rosenberg.
Although as already mentioned an ardent sportsman the breakdown in health prohibited him from active participation in his favourites games during his later years.
Nevertheless he remained a warm supporter of Belgrano Athletic Club and was one of the most popular members of the British community in his country.
Biblioteca de la Nacion Buenos Aires

The Standard
Friday, January 23rd, 1931
Ob the 22nd inst., at the Anglo American Private Hospital, Alfred Edward Forget, aged 70 years.

Funeral to-day, Friday 23rd, at 16.30 o'clock from Deck's, Calle Maipu 699 corner of Viamonte, to the British cemetery (Chacarita). Motor service.
The Standard Saturday January 24th 1931
page 5

OBITUARY Alfred Edward Forget

By the demise of Mr. Alfred Edward Forget who passed away on Wednesday last at the Anglo American Hospital, another link in the long chain of British estancieros (owner of ranch) has been broken.
Mr. Forget was born in Liverpool on December 24th 1860, and received his education at Rugby. There he learnt "to play the game" and in after life, by his example, taught his children to be as thoroughly British as he himself was.
At nineteen years of age, Mr. Forget came out to Uruguay, with the idea of taking up camp life. It was not long before he found employment on the estancia (ranch) of Mr. Prange.
While there he met Miss Agnes Prange, who, in course of time, became his wife. Some time after his marriage, he left Uruguay and came to Entre Rios, Argentina, where he bought the estancia (ranch) "Floraire" where he settled down and where his children were born.
Mr. Forget was a true sportsman in every respect of the word. Though debarred through ill health in taking active participation in games, he followed every branch of sports with the keenest interest.

He was an exceptional linguist, and a great reader up to the lost.
The deceased gentlemen was a well known figure in the British community, and a popular member of the English and Belgrano Clubs. It was his delight to seek out newcomers to these clubs, and, holding out the right hand of fellowship, do his utmost to make them feel at home in their new and strange surroundings.
The first Mrs Forget died about eighteen years ago, and in 1913, when in London, he was married to Miss Jennie Rosenberg.
For the last forty-five years, Mr. Forget has been a victim of rheumatism, and he travelled all over the world, seeking relief from his sufferings.
In 1908, his ill health became so great, that he was obliged to sell up his estate in Entre Rios, and came to reside in Buenos Aires.
On december 23rd last, he was seized with an acute attack of rheumatism, with complication of uremia. He became so ill, that on Saturday last, he was removed to the nursing home, where he passed away.
Of the five children by his first wife, four are living, the eldest having lost his life int the Great War. The others are Miss Forget, who lived with him; Mrs Talbois and Willie and Cyril Forget, both of whom are well known in business circles in this city. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at the British cemetery, and was attended by many of his friends. The service was taken by Rev. Ivor Evans. To his sorrowing widow and family, The Standard desires to express deep symphaty in theirs bereavement.

He came into the British cemetery, Chacarita Buenos Aires, on the 23th of january 1931.
He was 70 years old, British citizen and is recorded as living on a pension. He died of uremia, which is acute kidney failure. The grave does not exist any more.

(from the British cemetery archives, Chacarita, Buenos Aires)

24 July 2010
Christopher is also curious about Rene and Alice Bourgeois. Apparently he is on your family tree but was born in 1928, not 1929. He now lives in France.
Just a bit more history (glean...ed from Christopher): Blanche Forget married Harold Ashby. The Ashbys had 4 children: Rupert, Cyril (Tim), Margot and Iris (Christopher's mothe...r). Margot married Robert de St.Maur (very noble family!).
They lived in Paris and had Denis, Paul, Guy, Anne and Bernadette.
I think Jane Seymour, Henry VIII's 3rd wife, who died, I believe was a "de St Maur" in effect as the name was anglicized...

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